This $14 Leave-In Cream Gives Me the '90s Julia Roberts Curls of My Dreams

And it’s from the Kardashians’ hairstylist. 

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This $14 Leave-In Cream Gives Me the ’90s Julia Roberts Curls of My Dreams
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I talk about Julia Roberts in the '90s a lot, but that's because I am very much enamored with the actress during that era. There are a few things at play here: the oversized men's suits, the big smile, the incredible sunglasses wardrobe, but for me, these are all secondary to her big, luscious curls.

Growing up, I didn't have many curly hair icons I could look to for inspiration. They seemed scant in pop culture, and even in a household of seven, I was the only one to not have dead-straight hair. My mother would often play with my curls and marvel at where they had come from. So, Julia Roberts remained one of the most important celebrities to me. I wanted her hair so badly, and Andrew Fitzsimons' Fantasy Curls Curl Crème finally gave it to me.

Andrew Fitzsimons Fantasy Curls Curl Crème

Shop now: $14;

If the Fitzsimons' name sounds familiar, it's probably because he is the man responsible for the tresses of the Kardashians, in addition to celebrities like J.Lo and Megan Fox. Recently, he launched the eponymous haircare line, where every product — including my beloved Curl Crème — is just $14.

Leave-in curl products are both the savior and the bane of my existence. Without one, I am a limp, flat mess, and with the wrong one (i.e. most on the market), my hair is weighed down, crunchy, and too smooth to hold texture. So it's a Goldilocks situation, but instead of three options, there are like a thousand — but it really only took one use of the AF Curl Crème to be smitten with the results.

Usually, when I am trying a new curl product, I do it on a shampoo day — and only if I'm positive I'm staying home (a protective measure after some disastrous results that were seen by the public). However, my cautious plan was thrown to the wind on this first testing day, as I ended up out and about with my hair forced to air-dry — but the results were actually incredible.

Tamimi Selfie

As my hair dried, my friends began remarking, "Did you get a haircut? Your hair looks great." I hadn't gotten a haircut, but they were right — it did look great. The curls were perfectly defined; not too loose or too shrunken and tight. My hair looked glossy but it didn't feel overly smooth or without texture. My mane was voluminous without giving me Hey Arnold! football head.

Since that initial use of the Andrew Fitzsimons' Curl Crème, I have not used any other styling or leave-in products, which is just about the highest praise I can give. The next time I applied it to my hair, I purposefully wore an '90s-style oversized blazer and vintage sunglasses just to feel the glamor and buoyancy Julia Roberts must feel on a daily basis.

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