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By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Jul 07, 2016 @ 11:45 am
Hourglass - Glowing Skin - Lead
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Anastasia's Glow Kits are the gift that keep on giving. Seriously. If you want a highlight that ends all highlights, you best be reaching for one of them. Obviously, we bellowed for joy when doing our AM Instagram scroll, as per usual, and we stumbled upon a HUGE announcement from our beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills. And what, pray tell, has us worked up into a frenzy? Oh, just some major additions to the Glow Kit fam. NBD.

The name? Well, it's plural because there are two, but "Moon Child" and "Sweets" have us kind of freaking out.

The reason why we are so worked up? Each kit contains four shades. "Sweets" is peachy-pink and evokes candy, and "Moon Child" has four cool shades that evoke stars in the night sky.

Glow Kit-MoonChild.jpg
Credit: Mike McNeil

But even better, these kits will finally give us the ability to emulate our favorite childhood superheroine's glow, specifically Sailor Moon. Remember when they would transform and would glow in the colors of the rainbow? Same. Now we can literally do that, even if we aren't planning on saving the earth from forces of evil.

But of course, there's no stopping you from doing that, and now you'll do it with a killer highlight swept along the high points of your gorgeous face.

According to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram, we can expect these sweet treats very soon, and they will be available for purchase online only for $40 a piece. Save this for a rainy day at work when you're in the mood for a serious pick-me-up. You know what I mean? We can't wait until we hear news about the official launch because our cheekbones can't bear to go without that gleam.