This Blow Drying Hair Brush Dries My Chest-Length Hair in Minutes

This Blow-Drying Hair Brush Dried My Chest-Length Hair in Minutes

And I have proof.
By Nina Huang
Jul 24, 2020 @ 8:00 am

It wasn't until I was reverse-whipped in the face by my ponytail while working out recently did I realize my hair had gotten too thick and long. I was panting my way through some HIIT mountain climbers, when my heavy (and at this point, dangerous) bunch of hair slapped me repeatedly on the forehead, actually making me stop and blink in utter confusion. 

Having really thick hair is both a blessing and a curse. Of course, it’s nice to have plenty of strands to play with — my stylist used to say that cutting my hair is cathartic for her — but my lion-like mane (my mom’s description, not mine) usually requires 25 minutes in the shower just to thoroughly wash from scalp to root. Then, it takes another 25 minutes to blow dry, meaning it’ll usually be close to an hour when I finally step out of the bathroom. 

So, you can imagine how open I am to trying anything that might dry my impossibly thick head of hair faster. Thankfully, looking for great products is what I do for a living, and I immediately jumped on testing Amika’s Hair Blow Dryer Brush when I spotted it as a newly released item on Sephora. Since my hair is prone to split ends, I tend to be averse to any sort of heating tools other than blow dryers. But, I wanted to try the Amika brush because it uses far-infrared heating technology, which prevents frying your ends, and negative ions, which seal hair cuticles to avoid frizz (meaning you’ll get super smooth locks). 

And the end result was every bit as promising as I had hoped. I used the brush at its highest temperature directly on towel-dried hair, and within just a few minutes I had smooth, soft, and thoroughly dry hair that would usually only be achieved at a salon. The soft bristles combined with the heat felt incredibly comfortable against my scalp, almost as if I were getting a massage while brushing through my hair. 

This Blow Drying Hair Brush Dries My Chest-Length Hair in Minutes
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Drying my hair via quarter sections meant that the wand gave me some volume, too, but not too much that my mom would compare my hair to a lion’s mane again. And since I’ve had this blow-drying brush at my disposal, I actually look forward to washing my hair. Although it was only released this month, Amika’s brush has already gained traction on Sephora, where reviewers have given it a 4.9-star rating. Head to Sephora to shop the hair dryer brush that’s been a total game-changer for my long hair. 

AMIKA Hair Blow Dryer Brush
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