This Amal Clooney-Approved Blow Dryer Works Magic on My Fine Hair — and It's on Sale for Prime Day

Trust me when I say this one is worth the splurge.

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Amal Clooney's Curling Iron on Sale for Amazon Prime Day
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I had a full lineup of hot tools when I was younger. I'm talking about a crimper (hey '90s kids!), straightener, curling iron, even hot rollers. It seemed like on every Target run, I would convince my parents to buy me a new hot tool with which to liven up my youthful hair. Ahh, how I wish I could go back to those days — for more reasons than one — but most importantly, to tell my 13-year-old self to chill out with the heat styling, because of course I didn't use the proper protectants on my strands. Now, as an adult, I have only two hot tools on hand, one of which was inspired by Amal Clooney.

I stopped using any sort of heat on my hair in 11th grade. Air drying was the way to go because I have very fine hair and didn't want to do any more damage. But one day I was craving some bounce and wondered if it was even possible for me to achieve a red carpet-level blowout. I heard only good things about the T3 Cura Blow Dryer — which is currently 30 percent during Prime Day — so when given the opportunity to test it out, I said "Yes!" in a flash.

Clooney's bouncy, shiny waves are courtesy of the T3 Cura Dryer. Sure, there are probably a few more steps involved than simply blasting heat on her locks, but her hairstylist, Rod Ortega once told InStyle that the tool is a key player in achieving that signature body and bounce in her hair. "It's my go-to for the smoothing effect and the shine," Ortega said. "The ion air in the dryer is the key factor in keeping the body, but smoothing the texture."

T3 Cura Hair Dryer Digital Ionic Professional Blow Dryer

Shop now: $165 (Originally $235);

I decided the perfect time to test it out was for a friend's small summer wedding last year. Post shower, I applied a lightweight heat protectant, grabbed my rounded brush, and got to work. The first thing I noticed was that the T3 dryer was so lightweight (worth noting: I actually tested the compact version of the famous hot tool), but I've held the original T3 before, and it's still lighter than most.

I combed through from my roots to ends, moving the dryer along with the brush. After the first pass through, I noticed that the section on which I used the T3 was way smoother, shiner, and had a lot more bounce to it than the rest of my undried hair. I repeated until I did this with every section, and let's just say I was blown away (pun intended). My hair had life! It had volume, which it never has! It honestly looked like Clooney's (okay, kinda sorta)!

Unlike most blow dryers, I love that this one has three heat and two speed settings, so you can adjust it to what works best for your hair without overexposing it to excess hot air. But what really sets this pro-approved tool apart is the T3 Digital IonAir technology which emits millions of negative ions that work wonders on your locks. Ions are naturally present in the hair and their positive charge is what can result in frizz; negative ones, on the other hand, reseal the hair cuticle and fight frizz. That's why the T3 leaves hair so smooth; the negative ions it emits cancel out the naturally positive ones, giving you silky soft locks worthy of awards.

I've used a lot of hair tools in my time — granted more so when I was younger — but nevertheless, I've realized that splurging on a good gadget is definitely the better option. Quality varies so drastically when it comes to hair tools, and while the most affordable one may seem appealing at the time of purchase, it might not be the best for your hair in the long run.

This blow dryer, however, is one you can feel good about using on your locks. Shop it below while it's marked down during Prime Day.

Hair Dryer Digital Ionic Professional Blow Dryer

Shop now: $180 (Originally $285);

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