Shoppers Say This Brown Sugar Scrub Is The Key to Getting the "Silky Goddess Body" of Your Dreams

"After using this product I am sold for life."

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Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Scrub
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As we break out our parkas and self-tanner is once again a crucial part of our beauty routines, it's safe to say winter is coming — and it won't be going anywhere soon. Don't get us wrong, winter isn't all bad (see: holiday gatherings and endless shopping opportunities), but the second temps start to drop, some of us (see: me) end up looking more reptilian than human, no matter how much moisturizer we apply to scaly skin.

Thankfully, thousands of Amazon shoppers who were equally as sick of slathering on obscene amounts of lotion uncovered a product that just may be the answer to our dry winter skin woes: Brooklyn Botany's Brown Sugar Body Scrub.

Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Shop now: $14;

The $14 "magic" scrub is filled with natural ingredients — like brown sugar, almond oil, and jojoba — that work together to exfoliate, moisturize, and rejuvenate dull skin while fighting breakouts and bumps (plus, it "smells great," too). The soft brown sugar scrub is compatible with all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, and has accumulated over 6,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who say the product has them "sold for life."

"This scrub is so good, I'm still sitting in my towel to write this review," one reviewer wrote. "I have dry skin. Super dry skin. It's nothing for me to get out of the shower and barely have to dry off because my body is so thirsty for moisture… I applied the scrub and while rinsing off I noticed water beading on my body… The oils from the scrub locked all the moisture in and my skin felt so smooth. When I got out, I still saw beads of water all over and my skin was glowing. Instant silky goddess body!"

The affordable "scrub of all scrubs" has also been credited with reducing the appearance of acne scarring, minimizing breakouts, and soothing skin that's prone to pesky razor bumps. Some shoppers even use the product to smooth dry feet and flaky lips, so the versatile brown sugar scrub can truly help you become your most "soft, silky, heavenly" self from head to toe.

"I love ​​this scrub!" another reviewer wrote. "Fresh out the shower after using it and I don't even need lotion! It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and just sexy. I love what it does to my face even more. Highly recommend it, especially if you have dry skin!!"

If you're ready to rid your body of dry and scaly skin this winter, or you could use a little extra glow this time of year (and who couldn't?), head to Amazon to stock up on this $14 Brown Sugar Body Scrub now.

Shop now: $14;

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