FYI, it's a wig. 

By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Aug 29, 2016 @ 12:15 pm
Amanda Seyfried - LEAD
Credit: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

VMAs and Beyonce's dress aside, Amanda Seyfried may have just delivered one of the biggest shocks to our system with only one photo. The actress took to Instagram to celebrate National Dog Day (IG was basically just a feed of adorable dog and puppy pics the other day), but instead made our list for biggest hair transformations of 2016. Well, full disclosure: It's a wig, but it looks so real.

Seyfried, who is currently in Canada shooting a movie, shared a snap wearing a shoulder-length brunette bob (with bangs, we might add!) and a pair of shades. We're so used to seeing Seyfried as a blonde, so a double take for sure happened. If not for the hair, most definitely for another look at her cute pup, Finley. Guys, it's like he's smiling for the photo.

So how do we know it's a wig? Well, we did some Instagram research and came across another photo of the actress wearing the same brunette bob with the caption, "Gratuitous donkey shot in wig." It doesn't really get much more obvious than that.

The last time we saw Amanda with a similar hairstyle was when she starred opposite Justin Timberlake in the sci-fi movie In Time. Maybe she's bringing it back for a new role? Maybe she just wanted a change? Maybe she just wanted to remind us of JT?

Either way, now we know that Amanda can really werk the bob club.