Plus it gave me noticeably softer skin.
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The Splurge: Allies of Skin 1A Retinal Peptides Overnight Mask
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I'm old enough to remember a time when "maskne" wasn't a thing — and I only say that because 2020 has aged me at least 15 years.

But here we are, at the turn of a new decade, dealing with ravaging breakouts. Not because of raging PMS hormones or a few nights of eating junk food, but because wearing a face mask in the heat and humidity of summer, combined with your own breath blowing back at you, is the perfect recipe for a skin freak out.

And don't I know it.

Last month, after having to leave my house more than I have since the start of the pandemic, I started to notice a combination of whiteheads and blackheads clustering around my mouth and jaw area, despite diligently following my regular skincare routine.

Annoyed with having to spend an extra 20 minutes in my bathroom safely doing my own extractions (yes, I have the actual tools at home) every week, I needed to find something that could clear up my skin without any irritation — and my regular mild retinol wasn't cutting it this time around.

That's when I decided to put Allies of Skin 1A Retinal + Peptides Overnight Mask to the test, and let me tell you, it really did the damn thing.

Allies of Skin

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The formula contains a gorgeous lineup of peptides to help with collagen and elastin production, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump skin, and its blend of antioxidants that to help repair cell damage sure don't hurt to add into the mix. But the all-star ingredient here is none other than retinal — and no that's not a typo.

Retinal is essentially retinol's big sister, since it's the closest thing you can get to a prescription strength vitamin A. It also takes less time than a traditional retinol to give you results, so if you want to see an improvement sooner rather than later, you should keep this ingredient in mind.

However, if this is your first rodeo with retinal, be careful not to go too hard in the paint straight away. Instead, start off by using it two nights a week and work your way up to daily application in order to avoid potential irritation.

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Luckily, I haven't experienced any dry patches or redness since using this product (likely because I was using a nightly retinol beforehand). What I have noticed is within two weeks of regular use, my maskne had significantly calmed down. And skin is much softer than before — thank you Jesus!

So if you're in the market for a product that will not only keep your maskne at bay, but also help to minimize fine lines, boost collagen production, and perhaps even save the world from the nightmare that is 2020, treat yourself to Allies of Skin 1A Retinal + Peptides Overnight Mask. It's definitely worth it.

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