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Alleven Foundation
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In theory, spray-on foundation sounds like it would be lighter than a feather; a wash of color that you'd forget was even sitting on your skin, thanks to its minuscular weight. But anyone who's ever been air-brushed and felt the bulky coat of cakey foundation weighing down on their faces know this isn't always the case for spray-on formulas.

However, legendary makeup artist Sir John (and Beyoncé's main makeup man, we should add) is here to put an end to your aversions with his latest beauty partnership with ALLEVEN, a spray-on facial and body foundation brand, and he swears that the brand's foundation creates a long-lasting and breathable "veil of perfection."

After discovering ALLEVEN's original body Colour Shield when a package was sent to him and testing it on his clients (yes, that means on Beyonce), he was particularly intrigued because it did not budge or smear — not even after a two-hour dance routine in the Coachella sun. "There was a certain point where she blotted with a white towel, and nothing was there. I was like, OK... I’m on to something here," he told InStyle.

It was the foundation's staying power, plus the fact that it let the natural skin still shine through, while perfecting and evening out tone, that got him fully hooked.

"My philosophy is that I don’t like to do a lot of skin," he said. "I think you can do a lot of eye, a lot of lip. Your skin should be breathable. It should look organic. You shouldn’t cover your freckles. It’s your currency. It’s what separates you from the girl next to you."

That's where the brand's new Hyaluronic Airbrush Foundation SPF 20 comes into play. Available in a luminous finish and packed with hydrating, skin-plumping ingredients, Sir John says the $66 foundation is also relatively foolproof to apply — so no, you don't need Beyoncé's glam squad in near proximity to get it right.

According to the brand, all you have to do is hold the can at least 8 inches away from your face and spray in 2-3 second bursts. Your hands should be moving the entire time to avoid spraying too much in one spot, and you should wait a full 1-2 minutes to let the formula dry. Right now, it's available in five different shades, but the brand notes that each shade covers several tones.

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"Put your hair in a towel, spray it, and do your eyebrows after because you might get a tint in your brows," he noted. "When you put it on, you’ll realize this isn’t full-coverage foundation. It’s the easiest slight tint."

Sir John said that spraying is really all you have to do, but for extra insurance, he always buffs it with a clean fluffy foundation brush. The same could be done with a Beautyblender, he added.

And with that, the weightless complexion perfecting solution you've been searching for might just be the foundation type you've been avoiding all along.