Naomi Campbell Says Air Conditioning Gives You Wrinkles — Here’s What Experts Think

You might want to turn the AC down a notch.

Naomi Cambell Says Air Conditioning Gives You Wrinkles
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I don't know about you, but I am always here for a new skincare hack, and I am constantly seeking new ways to keep my skin as fresh and clear as possible.

However, as much as I enjoy discovering and trying new skincare trends, I must admit it can cost me a coin or two (or several). So I appreciate it when I can find a hack that can contribute to my glow-up — and not take too much away from my bank account. Luckily, Naomi Campbell is here to help us do both!

Campbell is well-known for her beautiful, ageless skin, and she recently revealed one of her beauty secrets to Architectural Digest, which she believes has kept her skin looking timeless over the years.

While showing off her home in Kenya, the legendary supermodel explained, "I love this room; it's just chilled. We have air conditioning. I personally don't sleep in air conditioning. I don't like it; it gives wrinkles, I believe."

Since discovering Campbell's beauty secret, I wanted to learn more, because let's be honest, there are tons of beauty hacks out there. But the real question is, which ones actually work? Is it possible to save a coin on product while preventing your skin from aging?

I figured it was best to go right to the source by talking to skincare experts Dr. Adeline Kikam as well as skin specialist and Skinergy Beauty founder Priscilla Jiminian.

According to Dr. Kikam, a certified dermatologist in McAllen, Texas, "Air conditioners can reduce room air humidity, leading to a more dryer room climate. Long-term exposure in AC-controlled environments causes loss of moisture in the skin to the dry room air. This can lead to dehydrated skin, characterized by dullness, loss of plumpness, bounce, and elasticity, thus exaggerating fine lines and wrinkles."

Dr. Kikam has also looked into Japanese research based on low and high humidity environments.

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The Japanese skincare study published in 2007 discovered that participants had "decreases in skin conductance and elasticity and significant increases in fine wrinkles after acclimation to low humidity compared with high humidity."

"By using teaching technology; they observed that skin was stiffer and folds more pronounced in low humidity," the dermatologist explains. "Although the skin was stiffer, the study participants were able to smile in low humidity vs. high humidity showing a possible connection between dry weather environments and wrinkles."

So, I guess Campbell was on to something. However, the reality is, remaining in constant humidity can be uncomfortable. Digging further, I wanted to see if there is an ideal temperature. Can we have it all? Can we have perfect ageless skin and not sacrifice the temperature in our homes?

According to Jiminian, it's possible.

"Ideally, keeping humidity levels at an ideal range of 30% to 50% is key," she says. "Seventy-two to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is what's recommended for comfort, saving energy, and skin. If possible, leave a slightly opened window for proper airflow. Use the energy savings mode on your air conditioner; this way, it isn't on full blast for seven to eight hours straight."

Both Dr. Kikam and Jiminian also had insight into unique ways to keep your skin hydrated, ageless, and flawless in your home — whether or not you want to turn on the AC.

For Dr. Kikam, it's all about wearing sunscreen anytime, anywhere. "Definitely use sunscreen inside when still exposed to UVR especially UVA rays, which can penetrate even glass and are most responsible for collagen break down in skin resulting in wrinkles."

And according to Jiminian, it's all about being proactive while we sleep, "Our bodies lose fluids and electrolytes while we sleep, keeping a humidifier [on] can prevent dryness and dehydration," she says. "For extra dry skin types, night creams, serums, and humectant facial mists can provide additional moisture to the skin throughout the day and while catching some Zzz's."

Skinergy Beauty's Come Correct Serum for anti-aging prevention should do the trick.

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