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Adriana Lima Makeup - Lead
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1. Take off your makeup before going to bed. 2. Wear SPF every day, even if it's cloudy and cold. 3. Don't workout with makeup on your face. I'd like to call these the holy trinity of unbreakable skincare rules, and I pretty much follow all religiously and without question... except for, um, that last one.

Turns out, Adriana Lima doesn't either (which honestly made me feel a little better about skipping on the pre-treadmill cleansing). In fact, the supermodel purposefully puts on her makeup before heading to her beloved boxing workout.

"I apply it before I go," she told me at an event celebrating the new Puma x Maybelline collaboration. "Literally, this is my day. I wake up. I get my kids ready for school. I will apply mascara, blush, lipstick. Every single day. This is not a joke. I sit, apply it [her makeup], take the kids to school, maybe have a coffee with a friend, and go directly to the gym."

For anyone who rushes to get a workout in before work (definitely me), it's confusing why Lima would spend time applying makeup when she could just exercise with a bare, clean face and not risk the product smudging everywhere. But for Lima, it's a decision that she says lends her extra strength. "I like to hit the gym and already feel inspired and confident, so once I’m out there and working out, I will have extra empowerment to give my all during the workout," she adds.

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She also doesn't have to worry too much about product dripping, smearing, or sweating off, because she says she reaches for a few of the Puma x Maybelline performance-approved products.

Maybelline x Puma
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Her favorites? A lip/cheek duo is a must, and she names the Puma x Maybelline Color + Gloss Duo Stick her absolute favorite because it adds a natural, glowy flush to the skin. She also swears by the Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick. "It’s gorgeous and will stay on all day," she adds.

And yes, that includes through that boxing workout, too.