Adria Arjona's Hack for De-Puffing Skin Is In Your Freezer

All you need is an ice tray.

The Secret to Adria Arjona's Glowy Skin Is in Your Fridge
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It's disappointing that teleportation is still a pipe dream in 2021 — seeing as it would have been a convenient, less risky way to travel amid a global pandemic. But alternatively, fragrance has the capability to evoke comfort through memories of special places without leaving the safety of your couch.

Throughout the pandemic, Adria Arjona, star of the upcoming Marvel film Morbius, has been tapping into the power of scent. "I've always loved fragrance, and I think it can really transport you back in time or to loved ones — especially during the pandemic," Arjona tells InStyle. "I would have my mom's fragrance, and smelling it made me feel like she was closer to me."

The actress' scent of choice is Armani Beauty's My Way, of which she is the face of. Coincidentally, the fragrance is inspired by "discoveries and connections," with notes sustainably sourced from around the world, such as orange blossom, tuberose, and vanilla.

Adria Arjona Armani Beauty Interview

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"I think My Way is a very joyful, open fragrance and I like using it because it makes me feel that way," Arjona says. "You inherit the emotion the fragrance makes you feel, so on those days when you don't feel that great, you spray it and it lifts your spirits up."

While fragrance can be a mood booster, Arjona turns to ice (yes like what's in your fridge) on days when she doesn't look well-rested. "Ice has been one of the most important parts of my beauty routine for years now," the actress says. "I think ice helps with the circulation of the skin and depuffs you really quickly. A makeup artist on set first told me about it when I kept getting really puffy because I wasn't sleeping that much. She would put on all of these products and nothing would work, so she just said, 'let me just ice you.'"

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Arjona is a fan of quick fixes, but she's also taken the extra time spent at home and off set to prioritize self-care, scale back on makeup and haircare products, and just simply make time for herself — a practice she plans to keep as life returns full-speed.

"I learned there's no reason for me to be full-faced or anything like that on days when I'm not working," she shares. I like simple products like the Neo Nude Foundation because it's more of a tinted moisturizer. Whether or not I'm putting on any products, taking the time to get ready for the day and do my manifestations, and then stripping myself from stress at night has been really important for me. "

Ardia Arjona Armani Beauty Interview

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When Arjona does wear a full beat in front of the camera, she swears by Armani's cult-favorite Luminous Silk Foundation for its second-skin finish. As a longtime, diehard fan of the foundation, her partnership with Armani is a perfect fit. In fact, she grew up around the brand's products and has been wearing Armani's classic red lipsticks since she was little — kind of.

"My mom used a lot of Armani products and has always said Armani has the perfect red lip colors," Arjona says. "There's a picture of me from when I was little with an Armani lipstick all over my face. I just scribbled it everywhere."

Luckily, Armani has a new lipstick that's shaped for easy, foolproof application.

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