People Have a Lot to Say About Adele's Controversial Hairstyle

Oh lord.

Although COVID-19 single-handedly shut down summer as we know it, Adele was not about to give up London's annual Notting Hill Carnival for anything — even if that meant celebrating alone.

On Sunday, the superstar posted a photo to her Instagram, wearing black tie-dye leggings, a Jamaican flag bikini top, and a yellow feathered collar piece in lieu of marching down the road in a full mas costume, captioning the pic, "Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London."

As for hair, Adele went there when she decided to opt for Bantu knots. And her decision has left the internet in complete shambles.

While some were deeply offended by the singer wearing the historically Black hairstyle, others — including Jamaican celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Popcaan — embraced the look, and appreciated her nod to the island.

"It’s the cultural appropriation for me and somehow getting away with it because she’s not American," one person said.

"*Sigh* Can you STOP appropriating other cultures," another added. "It’s sick and racist."

On the flip side, others were totally here for the style.

"You went from Rollin in the Deep, to PON DI RIVER PON DI BANK," a fan noted.

"Lemme say as a Jamaican.. And a person who wore this style as a child growing up.. Long before it blew up and ppl started rocking it... That we don't give a damn about it..." a different follower wrote. "We're happy she's out here living her best life.... You look great hun.... Y'all better hop off your high horses and acknowledge that she slayin [sic]."

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Adele has yet to comment on the backlash — or the praise from fans. But regardless of how you feel about her hair, there's no denying Jamaica's influence on British culture.

However, whether or not it was appropriate for the star to actually wear her own hair in Bantu knots is still up for debate.

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