By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Apr 21, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
Credit: Getty Images

Sometimes it's crazy to think about the fact that I had a legit antennae on my first cell phone, and that now — through a version of a cell phone I never imagined would exist in middle school — have an entire glam squad available at my beck and call. Apps are the way of the future (not that I have to tell you that), providing everything from IRA management to travel booking to your next blowout.

Today, I’m focusing on the lattermost of that list, and even expanding on it. These seven service beauty apps are totally worth your hardware memory space and make self-care as easy as pushing a button on your phone.


This app, coined "the uber of beauty," makes the process of getting ready for a big event super easy. It allows you to book a hairstylist or a makeup artist, who will then come to you to give you a full face of makeup, a blowout, an updo, or a braid. Goodbye, public transit and rush hour! Hello, glam.

  • Pricing: $50 (Blowout), $75 (Braid), $85 to $125 (Updo), $75 (Makeup)
  • Servicing: Miami, NYC, LA


This "beauty and wellness" app is one of the most comprehensive we found. It offers an entire menu of on-demand services that are delivered straight to your door. Services offered include makeup application, blowouts, haircuts, manis/pedis, spray tan, massage, and lashes. They even provide men's grooming and fitness

  • Pricing: Varies depending on service. About $35 for a manicure, $60 for makeup, $50 for blowout, and fitness training for about $125/hour.
  • Servicing: NYC, London, LA, The Hamptons, Orange County and Austin


We all know that PostMates delivers food and groceries, allowing you to stay home and finish watching whatever it is you’re currently binging on without dying of starvation. What you might not have known is that PostMates will also deliver your Sephora shopping list straight to your door. That means you never have to leave the house without wearing mascara again.

  • Pricing: $4 and up for delivery fee, plus tip (and the cost of your haul).
  • Servicing: Major cities across the USA


You can turn your home into a spa with the Zeel app. It allows you to book a massage therapist, via the app, who will then show up to your space to give you a much-needed pampering session, complete with tunes, massage table, and supplies. You can book from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., seven days a week, all year long. The types of massages available include Swedish, deep tissue, couples, sports, and prenatal.

  • Pricing: Varies depending on location, but expect between $100 and $160 for 60 minutes.
  • Servicing: Major cities across the USA


Soothe is nearly identical to the Zeel app. The primary difference is a more consistent pricing structure across the board. They also offer a "Soothe at Work" option, which is a corporate wellness program (hint hint, bosses). Employees get a chair massage with an end goal of relaxing and making the office a more enjoyable, healthy workspace.

  • Pricing: $99 for 60 minutes, $130 for 90 minutes, $169 for 120 minutes.
  • Servicing: Major cities across the USA


This beauty service app has you covered where makeup application and blowouts are concerned. You can even book both at once, making this super convenient for those looking for a one-two punch deal. Vênsette seems to market themselves to brides and bridal groups, as well as women prepping for high profile events. They promise they'll have you ready in two hours or less.

  • Pricing: $100 for hair, $150 for makeup, $200 for hair/makeup, $300 for VIP
  • Servicing: NYC, LA, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Miami


Like Priv, this app has a ton of different services to choose from. It even markets itself as providing "everything but the kitchen sink." Unlike the other apps on this list, you make an appointment at a nearby hair salon, nail salon, massage office, fitness facility, etc., and then go there at the time of your appointment. Participating salons release openings the night before for the following day, allowing you to book services at the last minute. This is nice for procrastinators and those who prefer an at-the-salon experience.

  • Pricing: Depends on salon and venue
  • Servicing: NYC