10 Ways to Stay Cool

Ways to Stay Cool - How to Cool Off - Summer Beauty Tricks
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10 Ways to Stay Cool

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Stash Your Scent in the Fridge

Marc Jacobs perfume - Ways to Stay Cool - Summer Beauty Tricks
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Not only will it make you chill out, but keeping it refrigerated also helps preserve the fragrance, says cosmetics chemist Ni'Kita Wilson. Consider switching to a lighter, less concentrated splashm, like Marc Jacobs Splash Cocktail Collection in Ginger, Curaçao, and Cranberry ($68 each; available through August; macys.com), so you can mist yourself liberally.

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Shellac It Back

Joy Bryant - Bun Hairstyle - How to Stay Cool
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You don't need us to tell you that a ponytail feels lighter than a heavy, down do. But we can tell you why. Keeping your neck cool helps regulate your body's overall temperature. So slick up your hair like Joy Bryant. The key to getting this smooth style? While hair is wet, pull it supertight, and use more hairspray than you think you need, says stylist Amoy Pitters, who created Bryant's look.

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Mist Wisely

Benefit Rehydrating Mist - How to Stay Cool - Summer Beauty Items
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When running through a sprinkler isn't an option, a spritz of water is the next best thing. But the minerals in water can dry out your face, according to Nashville dermatologist Michael Gold. Choose a spray that adds moisture instead of taking it away. Benefit Rehydrating Mist's formula ($26; benefitcosmetics.com) nourishes with skin conditioners and lotus extract.

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Get Chili

Chili Peppers - How to Stay Cool - Summer Beauty Tricks
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Capsaicin, the chemical that gives hot peppers their kick, increases your body temperature, which in turn causes you to sweat, then cool down. Hit up Mexican and Indian restaurants, or sprinkle chili powder on fresh mangoes and bananas for a zesty zing.

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Save Face

MAC Cosmetics Powder - Ways to Stay Cool - Summer Beauty Tricks
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Wearing foundation on hot days is about as appealing as sporting long johns. But new formulas like MAC's Magically Cool shine-reducing liquid powder ($30; maccosmetics.com) contain more than 50 percent water, producing a tingly, cooling sensation when brushed onto the skin.

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Drink Up

Summer Beauty Tricks - Ways to Stay Cool - Ice Water
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A hot shower is strangely satisfying in the dead of summer-but sometimes it leaves skin red and patchy. So have a glass of water before jumping in. "Drinking cold water in extreme heat adjusts body temperature," says Gold. "It increases circulation and may even boost metabolic function, refreshing you from the inside out.

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Sweat It Out

Asics Tank Top - Summer Gym Clothing - Ways to Stay Cool
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Boiling temps used to be a good excuse to skip a work-out. Not anymore. This cheery Asics polyester and spandex mesh tank ($48; asics.com for stores) is UV-resistant and breathable, thanks to its quick-dry, odor-blocking knit. Short shorts, here you come!

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Give Your Hair Dryer a Break

Living Proof Thickening Mousse - Summer Hair Tips - How to Stay Cool
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Blow-drying in sweltering heat? No fun. We prefer to let the air do all the work. Just master this method from hairstylist Ward, who worked on this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in the steamy Philippines: 1. Comb mousse, like Living Proof Thickening Mousse ($26; sephora.com), through medium-wet hair and then leave alone. 2. Twist two or three sections of hair and clip up into mini chignons; let dry fully. The result? A loose, wavy texture that's summer-perfect.

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Invest in a LWD

Michelle Monaghan - Tory Burch dresses - Little White Dresses
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A linen white dress, that is. You'll look breezy—see Exhibit A, Michelle Monaghan in a Tory Burch LWD-and feel that way too. LBDs may absorb UV rays, but the white reflects light and heat. Plus, linen has optimal airflow and heat conductivity. Worried about wrinkling? A quick hand-steaming gives linen a lived-in finish that is less fussy than a crisp press.

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Say Cheers

Ways to Stay Cool - How to Cool Off - Summer Beauty Tricks
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The menthol in mint triggers the skin's cold receptors, which is why the herb is cooling when applied topically, eaten-or sipped on the rocks with club soda and lime juice.

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