The only way pizza will ever have no calories.
Pizza Highlighter Lead
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What do you do when your favorite pressed powder blush or highlighter breaks? If you're anything like us you cry, buy a new one, or try to continue using it in it's shattered state. Oh, it's possible! Other skilled people use rubbing alcohol to put the powder back together, but if you're even more skilled, you turn that bad boy into a completely new product. A pizza, to be more specific.

Beauty vlogger Gina shared her solution for a shattered pressed powder on her Instagram — and like we mentioned above, it's a pizza highlighter. Finally, someone's figured out how to combine two of our true loves, two things that will brighten literally any cloudy day.

Gina shared that to create this pizza highlighter she mixed her shattered pressed highlighter with loose shimmer eyeshadows. Kudos to Gina to finding the one way to smear pizza on your face without any impending breakouts!