Credit: Instagram/@jackynhill

Sometimes we get so frustrated that our makeup isn’t working for us, but turns out, it might not be the eyeshadow palette after all. “If you understand your brushes, you can understand makeup,” says Jaclyn Hill in her latest YouTube video, “My Go To Fierce Makeup Look.” Jaclyn points out that so many people who think they can’t do their makeup are usually too quick to blame a product for their woes, when really they should be blaming their brushes.

We’re totally mesmerized with Jaclyn’s makeup, but we def agree that sometimes you don’t know your makeup until you know your brushes. Here’s a breakdown of every brush Jaclyn used to get her mega fab look.


To apply what she calls her “transition” eyeshadow, she uses a long-hair, natural brush, the Morphe M441m, in the crease of her eyelids. Jaclyn explains that chooses this type of brush because she says it does an amazing job of creating a light, feathery look on the lid.

Then, she uses the M433 brush by Morphe, which happens to look similar to the first brush, but it’s actually a bit shorter and denser. This way she’s able to really pack on the shadow by usingup and down pouncing motions and blending out once the shadow is on the lid. From there, she uses a Morphe M439 brush to apply foiled eyeshadow (so perf and sparkly, btw).

For under eyeshadow, she goes in with the E3 Morphe Elite Collection shadow brushand drags it all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner of her under eye. Then, she goes back in with the dark shadow on her lower lash line with a small precision brush from the Sigma Extravaganza Collection, pressing it into the lash line and connecting it to the outer corner by her winged liner. To finish, she blends out the harsh lines with a standard pencil brush. The brush game is STRONG—and that’s just the eyes.

Foundation and Concealer

For foundation, Hill opts for the Morphe M439 brush, and she uses Morphe M438 brush to apply powder all over her face. When it comes to setting in her concealer, she takes a break from the brushes and uses a damp beauty blender (‘cause brushes can’t take all the attention). Then, for her very own Champagne Pop highlight, she uses the Morphe 510 brush.

In her video, Jaclyn admits to totally splurging on her bronzer brush (oops!). She warns that the brush is pretty expensive, but there’s absolutely nothing else like it. With a big Tom Ford brush, she opts to swirl her bronzer all over the outer portion of her face, cheekbones, jawline, temples, hairline, and forehead.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this ridic amount of brushes, take a deep breath. Jaclyn’s video is meant to walk you through a very dramatic look (which makes for some really flashy going out makeup). You’re probably not going to need all those brushes for your everyday look, but if you do need ‘em all then you GO girl. And remember, there’s no such thing as blending too much… especially when you have the brushes that do it best.