This Product Will Change How You Wash Your Hair

Hairstory New Wash LEAD
Photo: Courtesy

Lather, rinse, and (maybe) repeat. Washing your hair is probably a chore you don’t think twice about. Since I dye mine, I usually grab whatever shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair is on sale, lament the fact that my strands are too dirty to stretch out my last wash with dry shampoo, and finally jump in the shower and call it a day.

If you’re like me, you typically don’t stick with a single shampoo and conditioner set because you fear commitment. I was doubtful a monogamous hair product relationship was for me, until I met Hairstory New Wash ($40; by Michael Gordon, founder of Bumble and Bumble and the effortlessly cool hair artist collective Hairstory, the cleanser cleans hair without detergents, which strip natural oils and lead to the need for conditioner in the first place. If you’ve ever accidently skipped conditioner after using a traditional shampoo, you’re all too familiar with the rough, unmanageable texture of unconditioned hair. New Wash's non-foaming formula, however, is packed with nourishing fatty acids, essential oils, and aloe that rid strands of residue without stripping hair, making conditioner unnecessary—seriously.

As soon as you slather on New Wash and thoroughly rinse it, you can feel the difference. My hair has been less fuzzy and more silky-smooth, yet not so soft that it can’t be styled. Even better, since I’ve made the swap I’ve been able to wash my hair less frequently—no dry shampoo required.

The best part? Along with removing my shampoo and conditioner and freeing up some prime shower real estate, my slimmed-down shower time has allowed me to push back my weekday morning alarm by 10 minutes.

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