Credit: Getty Images

Reddit's r/makeupaddiction subreddit is often filled with posts from users that make you feel in awe of other people's makeup capabilities. Or sometimes, it'll make you feel totally relieved that others deal with the same beauty conundrums as you do. Other times, though, there's the random post that simply makes you wanna saw, "Aww!" A recent thread, by user Eighchops, titled "I made my wife a kabuki brush. How did I do?" definitely made us break out the aww.

According to the poster, his wife had been asking him to craft a kabuki brush for a while, and this is the first one that he's designed. In the post, he said that he used synthetic bristles and that the design was inspired by both the art deco period and 1950s sci-fi images.

"I've been making men's shaving brushes for about a year now," he said, "and this design is loosely based off of my favorite design I came up with for one of those."

The post was quickly sent to the top of the subreddit with upvotes, and user figgystardust summed up what many of us were thinking in her reply: "This is seriously the coolest thing I've seen anyone make for their wife," she said, adding "if you made a line of sci-fi inspired makeup brushes, I'd be so in."