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Shower Wash Beauty - Lead
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Whenever I read about products that have a 10,000-person waiting list or that sell like, 934 tubes per minute, I need to know more, which really means I want to test out said product immediately. What’s the deal on this item that’s causing so much hype in the beauty sphere?

So when I was with the RITUALS brand team and learned that, according to company data, 11 bottles of their Shower Gel are sold every minute world wide (yes, like every 60 seconds), I was left speechless. But actually.

With a Shower Gel in hand, I went home to if this was going to completely transform my shower experience and give my bar soap a run for its money.

In case you’re not aware, RITUALS Shower Gel ($15; barneys.com) is a foaming product that kind of feels like you’re cleansing your skin with a mousse or shaving cream of sorts.

If you’re one of those people who always dumps your gel down the drain because it slips off your skin before you can rub it in, let me tell you, this will be game changing.

Before I enlighten you on my shower gel experience, let me give you some info on the actual product that seems to have won the hearts of many. It’s available in nine different versions, like Yogi Flow, which holds sweet almond oil, and Karma, a brand new version of which I tried and smells like a burst of bergamot. Delish.

Just like shaving gel, it dispenses in a gel-consistency but lathers up to a foam that glides over your skin.

It definitely feels luxe and makes your showering experience a little more fun, and it isn’t hard to wash off. I don’t know about you, but when I’m done with my shower, I’m done. I don’t want to spend an extra two minutes working to get product off my stems.

After using it, I get why people love it. It resembles a spa session of sorts, but it only costs $15. And if you think about it, that’s probably the same price you pay for your fancy shampoo, if not a little less. I mean, don't your arms and legs deserve a little luxury, too?