This $17 K-Beauty Serum Visibility Lightened My Hyperpigmentation in Less Than 1 Month

Amazon shoppers say it gives them "skin like glass."

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 Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum
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 Beauty of Joseon

I have always struggled with hyperpigmentation. Most of my family has clear skin, so I had to go through plenty of trial and error to figure out which products worked to eliminate dark spots. I tried home remedies, creams, and even just leaving my acne alone in hopes that I could minimize the risk of dark marks, but nothing was working. But when the K-beauty movement took over on TikTok last year, I became obsessed with achieving the glass skin look. That’s when I came across Beauty of Joseon’s Glow Deep Serum, and it cleared up my hyperpigmentation in just a month.

The Glow Deep Serum is a pigmentation-fighting serum, perfect for anyone looking to even their skin tone. The water-based serum is as light as a toner, making it comfortable for all skin types. The key ingredients include 68.6 percent rice bran water and two percent arbutin. Rice bran water is rich in amino acids and minerals that help keep the skin bright and moist. Arbutin, extracted from plants like lingonberries and blueberries, helps prevent excessive melanin production and pigmentation. Additionally, the serum features black soybean extract, which protects your skin from harmful environmental factors. It's cruelty-free and made without artificial fragrances, colors, essential oils, mineral oils, or other potentially irritating ingredients. 

Beauty of Joseon Serum


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I understand that the process of getting rid of dark spots is something that doesn't happen overnight, but I found that using products with common pigmentation-fighting ingredients, such as lactic acids and vitamin C, took months for me to see results. When I incorporated this rice bran water-based serum, I noticed stubborn spots I had for years became less visible in just two weeks. I would drop four to five drops onto my fingertips and then massage it into my face, really focusing on discolored areas. I then make sure to follow up with sunscreen. Immediately after application, I find my skin is visibly brighter, hydrated, and silky smooth. It gives you that trendy glass skin glow without being too sticky or oily.

While I gave this brightening serum a 10 out of 10, Amazon shoppers also gave the spot corrector a perfect rating, saying it gave them "skin like glass." One mother and daughter stated they "patted [the serum] into their face each night for a month," and after, they "looked like glazed doughnuts." The mother said she "went to work for weeks without foundation," because of how clear her skin was after consistent use. Another shopper experiencing oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin found that this serum made their pores “so much smaller," "it's been keeping those breakouts at bay," and that their "sunspots are almost gone." A final reviewer with "hormonal breakouts" says after using the glow serum daily for two months, they noticed "brighter skin, better overall texture, reduced breakouts, and less inflammation."

If you are looking for smooth and clear skin, Beauty of Joseon's Glow Deep Serum is a must-have, and it's available for $17 on Amazon.

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