This No-Frills Beauty Tool Helps Makeup Look "Flawless," Shoppers Say, and It's Less Than $2 Apiece

Shoppers and I agree.

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Amazon Beauty Sponge

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If you’re applying foundation with your fingers, you’re missing out on the bounties of a makeup sponge. I love sponges; the one drawback, though, is that they require replacing (lest they become vectors for bacteria and, consequently, blemishes). I’d been replacing (and re-replacing) my $20 makeup sponges every three months for an entire year. Upon realizing I’d spent a small, sneaky fortune in the name of flawless foundation, I turned to Amazon in search of a more cost-effective option. The Beakey Makeup Sponge Set has since become my favorite makeup sponge, and maybe my favorite makeup tool, period. 

BEAKEY 5 Pcs Makeup Sponge Set


Shop now: $9 with coupon (Originally $11),

These latex-free, teardrop-shaped makeup sponges enhance the application and wear of any complexion product — including foundation, concealer, and blush — and make blending a breeze. The sponges work wonderfully with an array of formula types, including liquid, powder, and cream products.

The sponges have a soft, mildly absorbent surface that holds and deposits just the right amount of foundation as it’s stippled along the skin. These sponges work as seamlessly as any makeup sponge I’ve tried, and they’re remarkably budget-friendly to boot.

They’re sold in sets of five (and in various fun color options), and right now, each five-pack costs just $9 with a coupon. Quick math: that boils down to less than $2 per individual sponge — less than the cold brew I bought this morning, and a fraction of the cost of other makeup sponges I’ve used in the past. Despite the exceptionally low cost, the quality is on par with pricier picks. I’m continually amazed by how beautifully they blend, and the seamlessness with which they apply my complexion products.

With over 66,500 five-star ratings, it’s clear that shoppers share my adoration for these sponges. “I can't say enough good things about these sponges,” says one, while another says the sponges deliver a “flawless finish”. Another shopper, a professional makeup artist who has tried “almost every sponge on the market,” calls the Beaky sponges “excellent,” adding that they’ve recommended the sponges to friends. I, too, have shared with pals, many of whom have since switched to these sponges from Amazon. At less than $2 a piece, this fast track to flawless foundation is an absolute steal — and I’m stocking up.

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