I Rarely Go Anywhere Without This Hands-Free Accessory Blake Lively, Cindy Crawford, and Selena Gomez Also Own

It’s a must for commutes, travels, or walks.

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Bandolier Review

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My and my “bestie” are attached at the hip. No, I’m not talking about my childhood friend of 20-plus years, though whenever we are together — she lives in Chicago, I live in New York — we revert back to our silly, go-everywhere-together selves. Instead, the “bestie” I’m referring to is actually a game-changing accessory I could wax poetic about forever. She’s stylish! She’s practical! She makes getting from point A to point B so much more convenient! I love her — my Bandolier crossbody wallet phone case

Here’s the rundown on my bestie: It’s a phone case and wallet in one. Held by a crossbody strap, the phone case features a snap-button pocket on the back to store essential cards and bills. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for a two-for-one — as in, a fashion buy that checks off multiple boxes (because that, dear readers, is a true value). I love that I can just sling my phone across my body and know that it’s safe and secure, even when I’m riding on the subway, because it’s still within arm’s reach. Not to mention, my wallet is always ultra accessible, too, which means I don’t have to fumble around in my purse to first find my credit card while checking out at a store. Pro tip: In the colder months, I wear my phone case underneath my coat for extra concealment.

I have been exclusively carrying my Bandolier phone case around from the second I got it. And while I don’t always like spilling my best-kept style secrets, this one really is too good to keep to myself — and I know so many people will benefit from the practicality it offers. That’s because we’re all always on the go, and the last thing we need is to A) worry about where we put our phones B) feel unsafe while holding our phones when walking or on the subway, and C) need an extra bag to carry a wallet that’s, quite frankly, unnecessary.

EMMA Pebble Leather Crossbody


Shop now: $98; amazon.com and bandolierstyle.com

HAILEY Side Slot Leather Crossbody


Shop now: $108; amazon.com and bandolierstyle.com

Countless celebrities have been spotted with their own Bandolier crossbody wallet, namely Blake Lively, who, like me, rarely seems to leave her house without it. Other A-listers include Cindy Crawford, Zendaya, Alessandra Ambrosio, and most recently, Selena Gomez, who posted an Instagram mirror selfie with her Bandolier case on full display.

Me and the aforementioned celebs aren’t the only people attached at the hip to the Bandolier case. My mom, sister, and a few of my co-workers have also given it a try, and let me tell you: Everyone’s obsessed. Christina Oehler, a fashion editor at InStyle, sent me an email raving about her Bandolier so much it basically a novel. "I actually can't go anywhere without this thing," she told me, adding that it's the fashionable alternative to a fitness watch, since it counts her steps without looking clunky. Even strangers I come across on the street or at the store checkout line stop me and say, “Hey, that’s so convenient!” to which I reply, “It’s the best, I 100 percent recommend.” I can’t confirm whether they actually end up buying it, but I know that if they do, their life will be forever changed. Because TBH, this Bandolier crossbody really is the best accessory I’ve ever bought — I haven’t been able to use any other phone case since. 

Functionality aside, the quality of each case is unmatched, as most are crafted from a supple leather that not only looks good but will also last a long time. What's more, you can make the Bandolier a part of your lewk just like you’d do with a handbag, which the brand actually just launched, too, or any other accessory. Mix and match different straps to go with your specific outfit for the day, though I’m especially fond of this classic black strap that’s timeless and versatile and a utility style that’s so trend-forward but still holds so much — just look at all those compartments!

TL;DR? There’s a Bandolier crossbody phone case for every person, but regardless of which one you get, the functionality is all the same. Sorry to say, once you try it, you’ll never be able to live without it. Shop some of the best styles below.

SARAH Pebble Leather Crossbody


Shop now: $108; amazon.com and bandolierstyle.com

BILLIE Utility Crossbody


Shop now: $208; bandolierstyle.com

SHEILA Pyramid Embossed Crossbody


Shop now: $95; bandolierstyle.com

LENA Patent Leather Crossbody


Shop now: $108; bandolierstyle.com

JULIAN Pebble Leather Crossbody


Shop now: $118; bandolierstyle.com

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