This Treatment Is Like a Week-Long Boot Camp for Your Skin, and My Results Were Astounding

Babor’s Ampoules will get your skin in tip-top condition in no time.

This Treatment is like a Week Long Boot Camp for your Skin and the Results are Astounding

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Every so often, I feel like my skin needs a little zhuzh in one direction or the other — but not so much that I have to permanently change my skincare routine. Most times, this occurs when the seasons change and my skin is faced with a new set of temperature-related obstacles.

In the summer, I often go without moisturizer, but this catches up to me in the fall when the colder weather sucks the moisture straight out of my face. Because my skin is oily, I bring a light, gel-based moisturizer back into the mix, but my skin still feels like it needs a topical version of Gatorade. This is where Babor’s Ampoule Concentrates, and for me, the Hydra Plus specifically, come into play. 

I think of Babor’s Ampoule Concentrates as a week-long boot camp for my skin. Each kit comes with seven small glass ampoules, one for each day, and there are plenty of other options, too, each targeting a different skin issue. Some highlights include the Hydra Plus for moisture, Collagen Firming for restoring elasticity and plumpness, Perfect Glow for radiance and hyperpigmentation, and Multivitamin for a stronger and healthier skin barrier. 

BABOR Hydra Plus Ampoule Serum Concentrates Moisturizing Serum


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Hydra Plus is an intensive moisturizing treatment formulated with a potent mix of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B. The texture of the formula is slightly more viscous than water, but my skin gulped it down just the same. I felt each individual drop of serum get absorbed by my skin, but to my surprise, there was nothing left on the surface — no film, no transfer, and my makeup even went on more smoothly.

After a week, the results were obviously more astounding. I felt like the baseline health of my skin had improved. Now when I apply moisturizer, I feel like it’s enriching the state of my skin rather than trying to play catch-up. 

After using the full Hydra Plus seven-day kit, my complexion was full and plump, the fatigue and dull skin were revitalized, and my complexion is healthy and glass-like. It even seems as though the rest of my skincare products were working better, too. 

Although it wasn’t an issue for me, I can imagine the glass ampoules being off-putting or intimidating to some — but using the attached opener seems foolproof and makes me feel like a chemist. 

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