See Proof That Olympians Are Totally Average Humans Just Like Us

Hope Solo LEAD
Photo: hopesolo/Instagram

The summer Olympic games are on! Which means for the next 16 days we regular humans will cheer on superhuman athletes as they go for the gold. With the weight of multiple medals and their extreme abilities to defy physical limitations, it’s easy to think of Olympians, like most-decorated Olympic athlete Michael Phelps and reigning world champion Gabby Douglas, as heroes that simply walk among us. However, a closer look at some of the greatest athletes in the world proves otherwise; They drink too much coffee, obsess over certain iPhone games, and even fiend for Chipotle from time to time. Olympians: They’re just like us!
With some help from Twitter, we stalked and found some of the most real life tweets shared by athletes competing in this year’s games. Keep reading and take solace in these high profile competitors' totally average everyday moments.

They Have Baking Fails

I guess im out of practice...


They Love '90s Trends

My scrunchie game has been weak, its time to step it up!


They Appreciate Manners

Hate when I say, "I'm sorry" or " excuse me" when I'm not even in the wrong and the other person says nothing!!


They're Obsessed with Pokemon Go

They Fear a Dead Phone

They Stand Up for Important Causes

They Embarrass Their Parents

When you get your dad into pedicures and he asks you at breakfast when he can get a tosies again


They Hate Packing

Packing for this is stressful


They Sleep In and Skip fhe Contacts

You always can tell when it is a recovery day for @helen_maroulis & me because we wake up late & wear glasses.


They Believe in the "Treat Yo'Self" Mentality

They Really, Really Love Coffee

They Also Really, Really Love Chipotle

At chipotle , (like what else is new


) and I witnessed something I've never seen before ...someone grabbing a menu . Odd


They Fool Around at Work (Sometimes)

#TeamUSA just has fun


!!Dancing in my lobster costume... Cause training camp is a party


They Rely on FaceTime

Thanking God for technology! What a blessing watching @Herich_L become Mrs. Thomas today!


They Share Photos of Their Adorable Kids

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