By Shalayne Pulia
Updated Aug 21, 2017 @ 1:00 pm

Grab your NASA-approved viewing glasses, America: We're about to be blanketed by a total (new moon) solar eclipse today, meaning for the first in 99 years, there will be about two minutes of total darkness across 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina. The rest of the continental U.S. will be able to see a partial eclipse that promises to be a spectacle of its own.

Even if you can't see the eclipse in real time, you will definitely feel its effects, according to InStyle's resident astrologer Susan Miller. We hopped on a call with Miller to talk all things Great American Eclipse, including just what each sign should expect from the U.S.'s celestial event of the year.

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The overall good news? The planets seem to have positive change in store for everyone mostly related to the rare formation of a golden triangle in the sky connecting the eclipse to Uranus (planet of surprise) and Saturn (planet of stability).

According to Miller, “Eclipses bring big changes that you’ll long remember for giving your life some structure and meaning because the universe doesn’t like it when you’re meandering along without any progress.” Miller also pointed out that three signs (Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will feel this eclipse to a greater degree than most others. Scorpios can expect amazing career success, Tauruses will be focused on the home, and Aquariuses will start to see themselves in a new light.

Scroll through below, find your sign, and prepare for “one of the most positive eclipses in recent memory.”

Leo JULY 23– AUG. 22

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According to Miller, the rare and outstandingly positive new moon solar eclipse on August 21 will be especially important to you because you are ruled by the Sun, and the eclipse will connect the Sun (authority of the total solar eclipse) to Uranus (planet of surprise) and Saturn (planet of stability) in a rare golden triangle. Jupiter will also be perfectly positioned, so Leos may enjoy a spontaneous trip.

She also says that the eclipse will show you how far you've come. You have been so wrapped up in what you have been doing, that you haven't had the time to step back and see how much you’ve matured. At work, you will be stunningly creative. This solar eclipse will push you to pursue your deepest dreams and help you take that vital step toward a goal you hold dear. You may have been hesitant in the past, but now the door will open. Think big. Be brave.

Virgo AUG. 23– SEPT. 22

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Over the past two years, Miller says eclipses like to shake us up, enlighten us, and help us to try new things. Sometimes the adjustment is difficult, but the new moon solar eclipse will be unusually friendly to you even though it might feel mild.

The new eclipse series is no longer in Virgo-Pisces—moving to Aquarius-Leo, which will highlight houses that are dedicated to work (specifically work you do behind-the-scenes) and your state of mind, according to Miller. The Sun and Uranus (planet of surprise) in perfect sync will bring news of something you’d never expect. Saturn's position in the glittering golden triangle in the sky will add long-term gain to any actions you take.

Libra SEPT. 23– OCT. 22

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The eclipse, like the last one on August 7, will be unusually friendly to your Libra Sun, according to Miller. You won’t be called on to work as the eclipses will do their best to teach you to play this month. A solar eclipse in general opens a path that will take you in new direction. Because Uranus is involved in a supportive way for this one, you’ll find this week filled with unexpected joys.

This eclipse will be in your eleventh house of friendships says Miller. You may make a new friend who becomes very special to you or you might plan a vacation with an old friend—something you may have always wanted to do—and have a great time together. Or, you might decide to take up new responsibility as a leader in an organization. The eleventh house also rules hopes and wishes, which means you may see something you have dearly wanted materialize right before your eyes.

Scorpio OCT. 23– NOV. 21

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Eclipses are the most dramatic tool that the universe uses to get attention and foster change. According to Miller, they always come in pairs, as a full moon (lunar eclipse) and new moons (solar eclipse). This particular eclipse is quite exciting because it will be a new moon, solar eclipse lighting your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. It is the one part of your chart that directs your attention to your professional abilities and status. This solar eclipse will open doors that have been previously locked, and you may even have a helping hand from a VIP.

Mars, your ruling planet, is joining the energy of this eclipse, and will be connected to the sun and moon. This is important because Mars will help boost your success. Saturn, in your house of earned income, will reach out to Uranus, planet of invention and surprise, suggesting you will make money from your creative approach to work. You will be given more opportunity to show your savvy style.

Miller says the Sun and the new moon eclipse will both be at the very pinnacle of your horoscope wheel, nestled in the tenth house that ancient astrologers called "the house of dignity." It is the place in the chart where you are given reward for all you’ve done in your career, as far as 10 years back. According to Miller, the Sun’s position will be doubly important for you because the Leo rules the highest point in your chart, and it will be receiving brilliant vibrations. Rarely have you ever had such a powerful professional outlook for making a name for yourself.

Sagittarius NOV. 22– DEC. 21

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Your ninth house of long distance travel and international relationships will be lit brilliantly during this eclipse, says Miller. If you travel, you are likely to gain a life-altering new perspective from a place you’ve never been to but always hoped see. The eclipse's position in the ninth house means a door will be opened to a new path. The ninth house is mainly intellectual. And ancient astrologers rightly felt that travel was an excellent form of first-hand education, which is why international travel falls in this area of the chart, too.

Saturn, planet of long-term foundations, suggests that what you experience on this trip could provide a lasting imprint on you—it might even shape the kind of work that you were born to do.

Capricorn DEC. 22– JAN. 19

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Miller says there's good news for Capricorns, as the second eclipse in Leo will be even friendlier to you than the first one on August 7. Planets will go out of their way to help you on a remarkable scale dealing with finances, but the type of money you will be discussing will be different.

As the golden triangle appears, you will find stability and security. According to Miller, the eighth house is the part of the chart that deals with the money you need—outside your savings—to make a dream a reality. This is the house lit up now, meaning a dream is within your grasp if you reach out and apply for the funds you need.

Aquarius JAN. 20– FEB. 18

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August will be a landmark month for you, for one eclipse falls in Aquarius and one in your opposite sign of Leo, according to Miller. The job of an eclipse is to spotlight the truth and also to push you out of your comfort zone showing you your considerable strength within. The new moon eclipse will require adjustments to a new reality. Your romantic partner will be your full focus on or near the date, for this eclipse will light your seventh house of marriage and commitment.

Often an eclipse will crystallize what has been going on for a long time—if you both are in love, you may both want to commit soon. If you are married, then you will want to make more of the relationship. If you have been unhappy in your relationship, a person may be "eclipsed out" of your life. If this occurs, it will be because you want it to happen or it will benefit you in the long run. No matter what occurs, this eclipse will put you in charge.

Miller also cautioned to keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde this month from August 12 to September 5, and it is best not to finalize any commitments or to sign a contract of any sort just yet.

Pisces FEB. 19– MARCH 20

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The eclipse will light your sixth house, which rules the preventative measures you take to stay healthy and your work projects, says Miller. You will find the Sun and new moon in your sixth house joining hands with the planet of surprise, Uranus, in your second house of earned income, and the planet of security and long range gain, Saturn, in your tenth house of fame and honors. This suggests that the eclipse will bring a great opportunity for you to elevate your professional status and reap the benefits financially.

In terms of health, Miller says fitness will also be on your mind. If you start a new program within a week from today, you're likely to see results as Uranus and Saturn (legs of the golden triangle created during this eclipse) will help you find a something you will love to do.

Aries MARCH 21– APRIL 19

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With Mars, your guardian planet, in your house of true love, you are the darling of the eclipse according to Miller. The solar new moon eclipse will open a new chapter for you that will be particularly joyous because it lights your fifth house of romance.

The golden triangle appearing in the sky will bring Uranus (planet of surprise) and Saturn (planet of long-term relationships) together. If you are attached, you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. If you are single, this may be the rare moment when you meet someone new and exciting. Miller suggests going out and having a little fun! You won’t have to try too hard to catch the eye of an intriguing someone. This eclipse might even set a proposal in motion, and no one would be happier than you when it all unfolds.

Taurus APRIL 20– MAY 20

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According to Miller, it is rare to see an eclipse as positive as this one. All solar eclipses are new moons, known to open a previously locked door. For Taurus, the new moon solar eclipse will shift your focus to your living arrangements as Mars, the action planet, will be in your home sector all month.

You may move residences to take advantage of career opportunities or you may experience great things at work and decide to take advantage of your new wealth. Life can’t always be this sweet, but when it is, enjoy it to the fullest.

Gemini MAY 21– JUNE 20

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The new moon solar eclipse will stimulate travel, says Miller. If you choose to go, you will likely travel to a place close to home. The golden triangle this eclipse produces in the sky will link the Sun and active Mars to Saturn in your house of partnerships to Uranus (planet of surprise) highlighting all things unexpected based in your sector of community and friendships. This is also the house of hopes and wishes, so there is a greater chance this month will bring very gratifying news out of the blue.

Miller also cautions to remember that your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde from August 12 to September 5, meaning you should put off singing any form of contract.

Cancer JUNE 21– JULY 22

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Miller says August will be an amazing month for you! Don’t go away on vacation during the week, you won't want to miss everything that's happening. With Mars moving through your second house since July 20, it’s clear your expenses have been increasing lately, so you are likely to be motivated to find a new pipeline of money. This eclipse will open a door for more ways to earn greater income as seen in the golden triangle positioning: The first leg of the triangle will point to your work projects, indicated by the supportive position of Saturn tied to the idea of security and comfort.

Miller says the detailed concentration you always give your assignments has impressed powers at the top—and the news is about to get even better. The leg of the triangle pointing to Uranus, nestled in your tenth house of fame and honors, indicates that the work you are discussing within days of August 21 will also bring you praise and potentially swift elevation in industry status. You may get a competitive offer or promotion. Or if self-employed, you may find a prestigious, lucrative new client. And, the sweetest part of your advancement is that the fuss being made about you will be completely unexpected.

Susan Miller is InStyle's resident astrologer and founder of Her latest InStyle sign-by-sign column appears in the September issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.