Here's the Secret Behind Making Those Red Carpet Gowns Look Picture-Perfect

It starts with the basics.

Oscars Red Carpet 2021
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At the 93rd Academy Awards the stars have turned up dressed to the nines, pulling out all the glitz and glamour. There's no denying all those stunning gowns saved us from a fashion drought after a year of wearing nothing other than our sweats and underwear.

Speaking of undergarments: Do you ever wonder what's underneath the gowns? We certainly do. Because, let's be real — ordinary undergarments ain't going to cut it with some of those tight, strappy, midriff-baring designs. What's the secret behind making those looks so picture-perfect?

Kit Undergarments founders and stylists Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche gave InStyle the inside scoop on where every winning begins, and, spoiler alert, it's their game-changing undies. After years of working red carpets, events, and award shows, the celebrity stylists know a thing or two about the importance of discreet undergarments that stay in place for the entire night, and ended up creating their own.

"Whether you're wearing a strapless dress or a halter neck, you need the proper undergarments to go with whatever that outfit is," Harouche tell InStyle. "It's always dependent on that outfit, but one thing you can't go wrong with is your nude thong. That's pretty much an essential always."

Red carpet or not, Kit Undergarments' Seamless Nude Thong is the perfect piece to hold you in and stay in place the whole day, and it's definitely discrete. But, as for the stars looking for a little extra midsection support while wearing a sheer gown? Mizrahi recommends reaching for another must-have, the high-waisted brief.

Kit Undergarments
Kit Undergarments

But what about bras? Those plunging ballgowns need extra special treatment, and a normal T-shirt bra likely wouldn't fly. Mizrahi tells us that good tape is absolutely crucial, and the secret behind those low necklines.

"I think if you have a difficult neckline to wear a bra with, or you need support but you don't want to see anything underneath, taping your breasts is a really good option."

The award for Best Supporting, uh, tape, goes to Kit's bandage tape, which we have a feeling plenty of stars are using this year with all those revealing designs.

Kit Undergarments

Since so many of us aren't attending the Oscars (or any awards show for that matter), the preference might be something a little comfier than tape. For that, Mizrahi and Harouche have the answer, revealing Kit Undergarments' more comfortable options became their most popular products after the start of the pandemic, such as the Lightweight Triangle Soft Bra.

"We do a good job of creating pieces that are comfortable, but also cute," says Harouche. "So, you wouldn't feel like you were just at home bumming around."

Celebrity-approved and easy to wear? That's our favorite combination. And, if these undergarments are good enough for the red carpet, you know they're good enough for just about anything else.

Interview by Samantha Sutton.

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