Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/AMPAS

The 89th annual Academy Awards came to an end late Sunday night, and our heads are still spinning from all the action.

One moment of the night that absolutely made us feel better than we even could have imagined: the budding bromance between Lion star Dev Patel and Hacksaw Ridge's Andrew Garfield. Though the latter shared a kiss with Ryan Reynolds mere weeks ago at the Golden Globes, it seems he has moved on. Or at least added another dashing male star to his #GuySquad.

During the awards ceremony, Patel and Garfield were spotting in an embrace that said, "We've been friends for years." It set Twitter and our hearts ablaze, with people on social media fawning over the duo and asking them to be cast in a film in which they can be play one another's love interests.

Garfield actually warned us about this on the red carpet, joking with E! about whom his Oscars kiss partner would be. "Whoever's looking the most handsome, I think," he stated. "If Ryan's here, he'll have to work hard. Once is kind of like [enough], twice — I don't know." How cheeky!

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Our apologies to Ryan, as it seemed Patel was the winner of his affections for the night. We cannot wait to see how this bromance unfolds.