Chrissy Teigen Is Super Excited to Sit Behind Alicia Vikander at the Oscars

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Awards season just wouldn't be the same without Chrissy Teigen. Between her green-fingered Grammy mishap and her sit-down interview at the Golden Globes, she's been an endless source of entertainment at every event, and she's at it again for the Oscars. Last night Teigen found out where she and hubby John Legend will be sitting for the show, and let's just say she's really excited about who they're placed behind.

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We can only assume the 31-year-old Sports Illustrated model was trolling Instagram when she came across this photo by Jimmy Kimmel:

In the post, Kimmel, who's hosting tonight's 89th Annual Academy Awards, is busy drawing devil horns on Matt Damon's seating picture. However, Teigen was more interested in the background. Behind Kimmel, you can see Teigen and Legend's seat markers, as well as Alicia Vikander's photo right in front of them. Teigen tweeted out the Instagram picture, writing, "Does Alicia Vikander have a Twitter because I will def give her a back rub tomorrow." You slay us, Chrissy.

While Vikander doesn't have a Twitter, we're sure the star of The Danish Girl wouldn't say no to a massage—as long as Teigen's fingers aren't stained green again. Be sure to follow our live blog to see if Teigen makes good on her offer!

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