The Most Surprising Snubs From the 2022 Oscar Nominations

Congrats to the nominees, but where are Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ruth Negga?

The Most Surprising Snubs From the 2022 Oscar Nominations
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Kristen Stewart hive, go on and celebrate her Best Actress Spencer nomination. Everyone who saw The Power of the Dog? Happy that you survived emotionally and physically. But what about the other big names that were supposed to make the list. After the 2022 Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, critics noticed a few glaring omissions, especially with so many high-profile names taking top billing at major movies this year.

Deadline's team pointed out that Lady Gaga and Ruth Negga seemed to be the biggest snubs. The House of Gucci press tour, the unforgettable sound bites, and the fact that it's Lady Gaga wasn't enough to get the star a nomination this year. Negga, who was previously nominated for Loving, didn't get a nomination, either, even though just about everyone assumed that she would get recognition for her role in Passing. Tessa Thompson, who also starred in Passing, didn't get a nomination, either.

Rita Moreno, who some wanted to win for her role in West Side Story — again — didn't get nominated this year, though it would have been a magical moment for her to get an award for a movie she won an award for back in 1962.

Don't Look Up was one of the most talked-about movies of the last year, thanks to a cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and ... Ariana Grande. While the movie earned nods for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture, DiCaprio did not earn his seventh nomination playing Dr. Randall Mindy. And while fans hoped that Grande's song with Kid Cudi, "Don't Look Up," would get her a nomination, the tune failed to get any recognition this year.

Jennifer Hudson had two chances to take home her second Oscar this year, though she didn't get recognized for her role in Respect or the movie's original song, "Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)." And Deadline adds that another song that was expected to make the cut didn't: "Automatic Woman," by Van Hunt, Starrah, and H.E.R. The song featured in Halle Berry's Bruised and had been shortlisted for the big show.

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