Leonardo Dicaprio, Emma Stone
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty

A lot happens on stage during the Academy Awards—most of which is caught by the endless amount of cameras in the room. But some of the best moments actually occur during the commercial breaks, when stars can mingle, swap seats, and take breaks. Below, 10 one-of-a-kind moments we witnessed inside the Oscars.

1. Justin Timberlake giving Jessica Biel repeated kisses throughout the show.

2. Taraji P. Henson hanging in the Dolby lounge downstairs during commercial breaks, and loved being the center of attention, laughing and entertaining just about everyone she was chatting with.

3. Keith Urban sweetly fixing Nicole Kidman's straps on the back of her dress all night, making sure they stayed crossed just perfectly in the back.

4. When Meryl Streep got a standing ovation after Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at her for being "underwhelming" the entire theater stayed standing and. Lapping for her as she laughed and buried her head in her husband, Don Gummer's shoulder.

5. Tourists had everyone inside the theatre completely confused for the first few minutes, then the audience was roaring in laughter for the entirety of the segment.

6. Jennifer Aniston was getting whistles and cat calls (after all, she looked SMOKIN') as she introduced Sara Bareilles.

7. Chris Evans taking selfies with admirers in the lobby in between commercials. Women started flocking over to him in groups and he was a total gent, taking selfies with every last one of them before finally sneaking off.

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8. Chocolate mint and oatmeal cookies being passed around were a massive hit. There were also Junior Mints and Red Vines licorice—and celebs, and attendees, were not holding back.

9. After the epic Best Picture situation, the one where the wrong movie was announced as the winner, Jimmy Kimmel said goodnight to the world and when cameras stopped he started shaking his head, then hopped off stage and went straight to Meryl Streep to chat.

10. Instead of rushing out of the show like past years, celebs stuck around after the show ended, everyone still confused, to talk about the Beat Picture moment, causing them all to appear a little tardy to the Governor's Ball party.