Even famous people have fan moments.

Instead of the grand, over-the-top productions of Grammy Awards past, this year's performances have included smaller, more intimate club-inspired takes on the year's nominated songs. Thanks to the smaller space and the proximity of the performers to their fellow nominees, Grammy viewers got more than a few looks at the artists soaking up each others' performances, which gave heartwarming moments like these.

Harry Styles singing along to the Black Pumas.

Bad Bunny feeling all the throwback vibes during Dua Lipa's Technicolor performance.

And Billie Eilish having a fangirl moment of her own as Styles performed "Watermelon Sugar" in a cartoonishly long Muppet scarf.

It went both ways because when Eilish took the mic, Styles was equally as enthralled. The show's opening performances featured Eilish, Styles, and HAIM. Styles seemed to be offering up the best reactions to just about everyone.

And after Harry won his first but much deserved Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance for "Watermelon Sugar," Eilish was showing all her support for her pal Harry. As he made his way back to his seat, the two embraced in a massive bear hug.