Adele Gushes About the Life-Changing Moment She First Heard Beyoncé

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Adele is the ultimate Beyoncé fan. Beyhive Vice Pres., right here.

After graciously paying tribute to Queen Bey in her two Grammys acceptance speeches on Sunday night, Adele kept the love flowing, telling InStyle about the very first time she was introduced to the icon’s music. “I was 11 years old at school and I was practicing with some girlfriends and we had to sing a song for an assembly with our friends and all our family and stuff. I think obviously my recommendation was a Spice Girls song and they were like have you heard 'No, No, No'? And I was like 'No No No,' I’ve never heard 'No, No, No.'"

"I remember it so clearly how I felt hearing her voice," she continued, "All of their voices, but her specifically. And then I got home and luckily my mom’s boyfriend at the time was good with computers and managed to find me some photographs of her. I fell in love immediately with her. That’s when I was 11. I’m 28 now. The way I felt when I first heard 'No, No, No' was exactly the same as how I felt when I heard Lemonade last year."

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When it comes to haters, Adele admittedly has zero chill. "I don’t take any f***ing s*** when it comes to someone who doesn’t like Beyoncé," she said, "You can’t be in my life. You know?" We get it, girl.

—With reporting by Brandi Fowler

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