Laura Dern Secretly Channeled Nicole Kidman's Golden Globes Look From 1993

Costars turned fashion inspiration.

One of the best parts about award shows? Spotting suits and dresses that remind us of ones from the past. Considering fashion tends to repeat itself, it's not uncommon to see celebrities step out in looks that feel oddly familiar, whether intentional or not.

Take Laura Dern's suit and choker combo from the 2021 Golden Globes, for instance. After getting over the fact that the Big Little Lies actress was nailing the bracket trend, we flashed back to a similar outfit worn by her costar, Nicole Kidman, way back in 1993.

Laura Dern
Todd Williamson/Getty Images
Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Looks
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While Dern's ensemble was missing the matching beret, it was the choker that really made it a subtle twinning moment. Both actresses accessorized with thick, black options that spiced up their sets, and transformed an otherwise combination into something truly statement-making.

Dern, of course, gave things her own special spin for 2021. She skipped basic footwear in favor of spikey black heels, which added a bit of sparkle.

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