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Kate Bosworth InStyle EE Rising Star Party - LEAD
Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage

She’s known for starring roles in films such as Big Sur and Still Alice. Now A-lister Kate Bosworth is following the trend for major stars flitting between the big and small screen. In a stealth move, the BBC snapped her up for their stylish big budget drama SS-GB which reimagines what the world would have been like if the Germans had won the second world war. Based on the 1978 novel written by Len Deighton, the series was filmed in London and it sends chills down the spine. You see a bombed out Buckingham Palace whilst Nazi flags fly atop the Houses of Parliament.

We caught up with her last night at the InStyle EE Rising party as she swished in wearing a super chic, asymmetric floral dress by Giambattista Valli with mini chandeliers, a look she described as "boho couture." To be honest it’s hard to concentrate on what she’s saying, her flawless skin (she was made up earlier by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge) is pretty mesmerizing.

But she likens the plot to today’s political landscape. “The idea of an alternative history has such a significant effect on people because it is all about, “What if?” It’s rooted in a very devastating time globally and it’s complex, especially because, right now, people are feeling very passionate about world affairs. I know there’s a lot of fear and it’s important to feel connected and have optimism. We need to unite and use our voices.”

She’s not wrong, of course, but because we’re at a party, we decided to throw in a few silly questions. So what's her go-to karaoke song? "'Six Inch' by Beyoncé. It’s totally appropriate for tonight. I mean, have you seen these?” she says pointing to her monster midnight blue velvet Valli heels.

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If she’s got friends coming round for a “rowdy night” she’ll be playing Elliot Sumner (a pal) and serving up vodka, lime and sodas. But most telling are her overused emojis: “The heart, the thumbs up and the face blowing a kiss.” If we were to text her right now, we’d send the exact same back.