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Last Friday, Candice Miller of Mama and Tata celebrated her West Coast launch with a luncheon co-hosted by fellow bloggers Jessie De Lowe and Tara Sowlaty of How You Glow and the gang from Goop.

The guest list? Chicest of chic LA moms like Rachel Zoe, Whitney Port, and Alessandra Ambrosio. The setting? The absolutely stunning home of Ali Kay and Alex Von Furstenberg.

Everything about the event, from the menu (um, there was Tumblr-pink all-natural California Chareau aloe liqueur) to the flowers (care of Venice-based florist, Fiore Designs) was picture perfect, but what made the day extra special was Miller’s surprise activity:

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"It was such a beautiful day and we figured since we are all working mothers, with very limited free time, it would be great to sit with each other and reflect about what goals we want to achieve in the upcoming year,” Miller told InStyle. "The idea came from my co-host Jessie De Lowe and her new business venture, Manifesting Sessions, which helps people make their dreams a reality through talking aloud and creating a path. We rarely speak out loud about our true wants and needs, but it actually is the first step towards bringing our ideas to life.”

She continued: "To set an intention is to consciously and clearly state what you want—and imagine how you want to feel—so that you have an energetic imprint to refer to, and so that the universe can conspire to get you there. Part of this is saying your intention out loud and sharing it with others, which is what took place at the luncheon. Guests were asked to share with those sitting nearby what they want to manifest [or] create in their lives in the coming season. In the spirit of women helping women, people were encouraged to assist each other if any advice or way to collaborate comes to mind."

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So what does a powerful businesswoman like Miller set as an intention?

"My intention was to be more present with my husband and children.” she said. “In this age of social media, especially in my line of work, it is difficult to put the phone down and give my undivided attention. I’m working towards that.”

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We feel you there, Candice. We feel you.