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Revolve Fest - Lead

Coachella is definitely one of the biggest music festivals, but during the three-day event, which takes place over two weekends, the most talked-about party is Revolve Festival.

Every year online retailer Revolve handpicks an exclusive mix of influencers, models, and actresses to party it up at Merv Griffin Estate while musical acts perform. There are also carnival rides and an unlimited supply of rosé and In-N-Out burgers. It's not your average party.

Revolve consistently works with the biggest bloggers on the style scene. So if you opened Instagram this weekend, chances are you saw at least one post about Revolve Festival 2019. Fashion blogger Aimee Song, who has 5.2 million Instagram followers, has been attending since the very beginning. Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell, whose account boasts 23.8 million followers, is also a loyal fan. And Kendall Jenner, who really needs no introduction, has also consistently worked with Revolve Fest to help promote the major event year after year. To put it in perspective, Jenner's follower count is currently hovering at around 108 million. It's obvious why Revolve Fest was trending all weekend.

How to get Revolve Festival Tickets

It kind of seems like everyone was there except for you, right? What's a girl got to do in order to gain access? I caught up with Revolve's Chief Brand Officer, Raissa Gerona, for the scoop on gaining entrance to Revolve Fest and just to warn you: It's not easy. Although she's been offered thousands of dollars from hopeful fans, she says that attending Revolve Fest is priceless. But that doesn't mean your chances of gaining access are zero. Find out how a few loyal customers secured a ticket to the exclusive event below.

Is Revolve Fest open to the public?

"We go back and forth on this all the time," Gerona says. "Obviously, if we opened it up to the public, we could sell tickets, but at the same time there’s this nice exclusivity to it. And I like having people here who are really truly connected to the brand. We have our network of influencers, and we also have a ton of customers. They obviously shop with us, but they’re also really engaged on social media."

How can people get invited to Revolve Fest?

"We did a ton of contests, and the engagement was crazy," Gerona explains. "We’d obviously like to have so many people here but there’s also something so cool about having true customers here who come up to and are yelling, 'I love Revolve! I love shopping on the site!' That’s so much more valuable than selling a ticket to someone who doesn’t really understand what we’re about."

How much are Revolve Fest tickets?

"It’d be really hard to decide how much do we sell this ticket for," says Gerona. "It’s all you can eat, drink, everything. You know there are In-N-Out burgers, unlimited coffee, and so much alcohol. It's priceless."

So to sum it up: immerse yourself in the brand, start shopping its exclusive pieces and post them on IG with tags, and, of course, make sure you're following Revolve so you can be in the know when there are contests. There's always 2020.