Emilia Clarke's Textured Up Do: Gorgeous and Totally Doable

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It was all about taking a "classic style and giving it a modern spin," says Emilia's Clarke's hairstylist Adir Abergel. The up-do combined slicked back sides with a soft and wispy top. The secret to nailing this look? It's about bringing back your favorite products from the nineties, Abergel relied on mousse and gel to create the two different textues. "Normally, I'm not big on products but for this look, it's really key," says Abergel. "This is a moment about texture, mousse gives a beautiful body to the hair and gel adds high shine.

First, apply volumizing mousse (Leonor Greyl Au Lotus' Volumizing Mousse, $46; nordstrom.com) to damp strands and blowdry to create fullness and body. Split the hair into two sections and pull back the bottom half into a sleek low ponytail. "Use gel along the sides to give it a really high shine finish, it's what makes the hair look so modern," says Abergel who used Leonor Greyl's version (Gel a l'hibiscus, $35; leonorgreyl-usa.com).

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Then, use your finger to take the top back towards the tail but "make sure you leave it loose, it gives it a bit of softness," says Abergel. Tie the top tail together with the bottom section and then flat iron the tail to give it an extra sleek finish (Abergel used the GHD Platinum Styler, $199; ghd.com). Now, apply gel over the entire ponytail and twist into an origami like shape. Abergel secured the twist with an elastic which he let peak through, "it looks a bit raw this way, not so precious," says Abergel. And if you're trying this look at home, don't stress about creating the same exact shape as Clarke's style, "it shouldn't look fussy, go with what feels natural. Any girl can do this in seconds in their house, I promise," says Abergel.

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