How to Drink, Sleep, and Shop Like a Boss Lady in Milan

Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Scenario: You're one of the most important women in the fashion industry and are knee-deep in work. You have six fashion shows, eight meetings, and also have to find time to FaceTime your kids back at home. Oh, and you should probably eat lunch and dinner somehow in between. This is the situation Net-a-Porter's president, Alison Loehnis, finds herself in during fashion month.

From New York to London, Milan to Paris, Loehnis is constantly juggling a million (very chic) things at once. How does she relax? By having her go-to spots in all the cities she travels to. Here, she takes us through her favorites in Milan.

Where to Grab Coffee

"I like to sneak out in the morning and go to the original Pasticceria MarchesionVia Santa Maria alla Porta. This location is quite historic with a warm and cozy Italian feel. I love a double espresso and from time to time indulge in their famous brioche."

Where to Eat Lunch in Under 30 Minutes

“Well, that concept doesn’t really exist in Italy! If I have time to enjoy a lovely long Italian lunch, I’ll go to Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone—right in the center of town, yet tucked away in a quaint courtyard. Everything they make is delicious and their veal Milanese is justly famous.”

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Best Place to Go to Ensure You Won't Run Into Anyone

“I studied art history at university and always wish that I have more time in Milan to explore the Pinacoteca Ambrosianaa very quiet museum built in the early 1600s with amazing pieces by Leonardo, Caravaggio, and Botticelli (just to name a few of the many artists whose work is included in their collection). You are unlikely to run into the fashion week crowd in this gem of a place.”

Favorite Place to Grab a Night Cap

“A while ago I was taken by a local toN’ombra de Vinin Brera, and have since been there many times for a late night bite and a quick drink—they have a wine cellar filled with amazing choices. Ideally, I go during the week when the restaurant is slightly more relaxed and quiet.”

The Best Drugstore

Parashop is incredible! It’s like a French pharmacy with unique beauty brands, soaps and perfumes. My beauty items mostly come from Net-a-Porter, but I love supplementing them with some unique French or Italian products that you can only get at this store.”

Where I Lay My Head at Night

“I stay at the Grand Hotel et de Milan. I love that it is super professionally run with smiling and great service but that it has a very old school, traditional vibe. It is the first hotel I ever stayed in in Milan when I visited the city with my parents. And we all still stay there! During fashion week, by the time I get home, it will always be too late to call my kids (who I have spoken to earlier in the day, and en route to dinner). A call to my hubs is always the last thing I do at night.”

Best Place to Get a Souvenir

“I make a point of never coming home empty handed after a work trip. My children love surprises and I try to mix it up each time I travel. That said I make a point of stopping by Pasticceria Covaand picking up their incredible homemade chocolates and/or pralines (or in most cases, both). My husband loves anything I bring home from Peck—especially prosciutto and bottarga.”

Check back next week for Loehnis's Paris favorites!

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