The Two Unexpected Things We Learned from Talking to Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss - Lead
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Here are two unexpected things I learned about Lottie Moss, the latest accessories ambassador to join the glittering team of celebrity influencers at Bulgari, when I had the chance to meet her during Milan Fashion Week.

One, she, like many of us in fashion land, is is a fan of Stranger Things, the Netflix series. "I barely go out," Moss said. "I watched it all within three days."

Two, while it was Bulgari's involvement with the Save the Children foundation that lured her to signing her first brand partnership, she is also passionate about animals. There is one in particular she would like to champion.

"I'm obsessed with sloths," Moss said. "If you brought a sloth into the room right now, I would fully sob. I can't even talk about it because I become so emotional."

Well there you go. Actually, it is quite nice to see the younger Moss (she is sister to Kate, for those of you tree dwellers) coming into her own this season in Milan, where she also made a splash at the week's big AmFAR gala. Having been around fashion people for most her life, "I already felt like a grown up," said Moss, who is now 18.

When Bulgari came calling, Moss felt it was the right label to associate herself with, since she had been walking past its store windows for much of her life, thinking, "Wow, one day I will be able to buy those diamonds," she said. "One day soon I hope." Of course, she is representing the brand as it focuses on its accessories, such as the snake-charming Serpenti bag, new versions of which were shown around the Bulgari hotel this week. It didn't take Moss long to pick out a favorite: a new limited edition bag, the Serpentissima.

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