This Is What Courtney Love Thinks of Your Chokers, Combat Boots, and the '90s Trends You Love

Courtney Love Coach
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Coach has gone bad for spring 2017. And the biggest indicator of that wasn't the prevalence of studded black leather or the abundance of combat boots or creepers that stomped down the runway, nor the brand's show notes revealing its intention to subvert "American style with counter-culture influences," but it was the presence of one Courtney Love in the front row. Yes, the one and only. The goddess of grunge, the queen of alt-rock—at one of the most well-known, mainstream brands in America.

Curious to know what her relationship was like with Coach, we asked her what her first memory or association with the heritage label was. "I don't have one—I'm new to Coach," she says, bluntly and honestly. "But I love the rebranding. It's cool. Really cool."

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She points to her Coach varsity jacket and holds up a structured tote with floral embroidery and a racing stripe lined right through the middle. "I love this," she says. What she didn't love were the combat boots that was sent to her from Coach.

"I was like, 'This is not happening,'" she says of the boots. "For me, at my age and the level of fashion I wanted, that wasn't for me."

As for other '90s trends that have made a comeback: She's into flares and she loves all things vintage. "I did a line for Nasty Gal, and it did really, really, really well," she says. "I'm happy to bring back the '90s and build on it and make it more modern."

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But the '90s trends she's less than thrilled about? "Chokers are not my thing—can’t do a choker. No chokers for me," she says adamantly. "And shoulder pads, but that's more '80s. And shants (editor's note: shants are a shorts-and-pants hybrid, aka manpris)—the ones that the guys in Pearl Jam used to wear." Duly noted, Courtney.

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