Master of None's Alessandra Mastronardi Could Spend All Day in Bed

Alessandra Mastronardi
Photo: Molly SJ Lowe

Allesandra Mastronardi has had a busy few months, stylistically speaking. Beginning in May, when she arrived to the premiere party of her show, Master of None, wearing a classic, off-white Chanel tweed suit, attending Paris couture July in leather overalls (also, Chanel), and winning fashion daily at the Venice Film Festival in September; it’s been a nonstop fashion show for the 31-year-old actress.

Alessandra Mastronardi Chanel - Embed 4
Molly SJ Lowe

This should surprise no one. The Naples, Italy-born actress has been spending time at the House of Chanel as one of their ambassadors, which has landed her in some of the most stunning of dresses, like that couture number she wore to the Emmy’s this year. Talk about showing up to your first awards show.

So many dresses, so many events, such little time.

While in Paris for Spring 2018, we caught up with Mastronardi as she got ready to attend an event feting Chanel’s latest launch: The “Code Coco” watch. Like so many other things endemic to the brand, this watch is filled with brand tropes: it closes just like a 2.55 bag (genius), for example, and has that ever-memorable quilted motif. For the evening’s event, Mastronardi went with the Code de Coco Watch steel set, with diamonds.

Aleessandra Mastronardi
Molly SJ Lowe

Here, we speak to the actress about being on time (or not) and getting ready for events.

What time do you typically wake up in the morning?

When I don't go on set for work, between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. I set an alarm on my iPhone to wake The "radar" alarm. This is the only way!

How many hours of sleep do you need a night, on average?

At least six hours. When don’t get enough sleep, I’m likely to start mixing both Italian and English. It’s not nice, trust me.

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Molly SJ Lowe

What is your morning ritual?

I need to open the windows. I love fresh air. I make myself hot water with lemon, then coffee and I eat breakfast. I watch the news and [look at] random things on Instagram.

What helps you manage your time?

Nothing. I'm always late! I ask my friends to lie to me about meeting times! (ED NOTE: her chic publicist confirmed this to be true.) Generally, I tell the truth about why I'm late...but with a big smile.

What helps you speed up getting ready for an event, like the one you're attending tonight?

I love to have some good music on when I get ready. I am a bit obsessed with Zayne, I have to confess.

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Molly SJ Lowe

When you’re getting ready for an event, what takes you the longest amount of time? Hair, makeup...

To decide to start getting ready!

Based on your Instagram, you're very much a stay-in-bed-cozy kinda gal.

Totally! I could spend most of the day in bed watching Netflix and eating junk food.

When you’re not working, what’s your favorite way to spend your time?

Walking around the city, taking tea and eating sushi, cooking a nice dinner…and doing all of that without reservations!

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