Bring Purell, for one.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Apr 19, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
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Coachella in Your 30 s - Lead
Credit: HBO

When I got invited to Coachella for work last month, my first thought was, "Wait a minute, am I too old for cut-off shorts, bustier tops, and twerking to Ariana Grande?" I turned 30 last November. Not to spoil things, but the answer turned out to be a big fat "hell no."

When I stepped onto the Coachella grounds on Friday evening after a two-hour-long Lyft ride from Palm Springs (traffic was bananas), I was definitely surrounded by teenagers, who, by the way, had managed to secure $1,000 VIP tickets. But to my surprise, there was also a crowd of older men and women, just like me.

34-year-old Kris Humphries (yes, Kim Kardashian's ex-husband) was chilling in the VIP. Even Lisa Rinna, 55, went. The crowd wasn't dominated by celebrities or women on some sort of How Stella Got Her Groove Back mission. Most just seemed to be older couples on an expensive date.

I was reminded that I was no longer in my twenties when I went to place an order to be delivered to the Amazon lockers at Coachella. The list of items that could be instantly shipped to the festival grounds included LED false eyelashes and neon scrunchies, but the adult inside of me just wanted some hand sanitizer and pocket-size toilet paper.

Another friendly reminder turned out to be my alcohol tolerance. In college, I could take shots and wake up just fine. After two glasses of rosé in the desert, though, I felt like I needed to be rolled out of there on a stretcher.

As far as the outfits went, I was not mentally prepared to see all of the ass-less chaps with thongs. But God bless those people for having the confidence to rock it. Seriously, you can wear whatever you want at this festival.

If you're like me and thinking about going to Coachella in your 30s, I say grab your friends (or kids) and do it. Don't worry too much about your outfit. Just make sure you bring your own Purell wipes.