By Michelle Guerrere
Updated Apr 16, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
chiara ferragni
Credit: instagram / chiaraferragni

Move over flower crowns, fringe vests, and short-shorts, there's a new hot trend at Coachella this year: enter bandanas. Literally everyone (girls and guys) are sporting the Western-inspired extra with their outfits.There are three main ways we're seeing celebs (like Hailey Baldwin, Chiara Ferragni, Cody Simpson) and concertgoers sport the look: Worn as headbands to pull back long hair, around the neck scarf-style, and covering the face as a quasi mask.

But unlike previous trends, this look may just have staying power. That's because aside form pulling back sweaty strands, there's some real practicality to donning the humble bandanna. It's super windy at the festival this year and the accessory is a great way to keep the dust and dirt from blowing into your face while watching your favorite bands play. Side note: Although Taylor Swift's been seen wearing a choker, we can't wait to see if she'll hop on the bandana bandwagon. We sure hope so.