Tessa Petak

Tessa is a New York City based writer, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Penn State in 2019, Tessa moved to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams. She loves a good Netflix binge, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. And there's nothing like the rush of a good sale. Tessa is an SEO and News contractor at InStyle.com, and she's obsessed with all things pop-culture. Stay up to date with her latest stories here or by following her on the 'Gram.
"I'd go into my shower and my stuff is missing."
That's why she teamed up with Pandora to create a completely customizable line of jewelry.
"I was willing to do just about anything for the butt."
It probably has nothing to do with actually having a baby.
She and husband Colin Jost made a rare red carpet appearance.
From supplements to essential oils and everything in between.
The couple dated for a little over a year before parting ways in November 2021.
Oh, and a mullet.
The duchess switched up her signature style to take in a special art exhibit.
It's always hot girl summer in Palm Springs.
The singer received the National Hero Award as Barbados inaugurated its first president.
"He would just drop everything [and] come in for a day."