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“I'm pretty sure he has political aspiration for 2024. I'm not pretty sure, I know he does,” says Olivia Troye, who resigned from the administration this summer.
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Now a film producer, she has a documentary on Netflix, Black Godfather, about her father and others who fought for Civil Rights in the South.
The comedian and actor-activist first met online, but their shared mission to drive self-acceptance through humor has united them IRL. As Jamil says, "We're just calling out the ridiculousness."
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Jane Mayer and Julie K. Brown are two of the most influential investigative reporters in the country. As they continue to expose corruption and abuse at the highest levels, there’s no disputing the power of the press.
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Famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred has been fighting on behalf of women for four decades. And finally the world is joining her mission.
Badass Woman spotlights women who not only have a voice but defy the irrelevant preconceptions of gender.
Badass Woman spotlights women who not only have a voice but defy the irrelevant preconceptions of gender.
“A woman can be sexy, charming, witty, or shy with her shoes,” the maestro of red-soled stilettos, Christian Louboutin, once said. Well, what about playful, funky, or just plain bonkers? So far the Spring/Summer 2018 collections have produced a range of eccentric options for every personality type. In New York there were the spangled floor-dusting flats at Marc Jacobs, in London Cookie Monster-inspired slides at Anya Hindmarch, and it goes without saying that the chic knee-high blue fur boots at YSL were certainly clocked by every fashionista in attendance. Are you ready to wear your heart on your feet? Take a look through this gallery to see the wackiest styles of the moment.