Sam Reed

From Bernie's mittens to Gaga's giant bird to Deb Haaland's whole look.
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Because drowning my emotions in 'add to cart' isn't helping anyone ...
Her inventive scarf-tying TikTok went absurdly viral. Now, the erstwhile model is adjusting to a new claim to fame.
Hint: It has to do with white supremacists.
He famously insulted her outfits and even threw out her shoes. If the pair are separating, what WILL the queen of Calabasas put on?
"I think a tradition with me and my sister is a bottle of Grey Goose and escaping the family function that's talking too much."
The apology tour begins.
"FLOTUS" is about to get a rebrand.
My kink? Watching Steve Kornacki do math poorly.
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The theme of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing? “Look, a woman.”
She's not good at her job. She's just hot.
In other words, how many do I need, and how often should I actually wash them?
"When Senator Harris was interrupted again and again, her big smile, tilted head, and firm, low volume voice was that of a mother correcting her toddler," says Patti Wood.
What else is there to say about the first presidential debate?