Roveena Jassal

Title: Culture Journalist
Education: Western University
Location: Toronto
Expertise: Skincare, Lifestyle, Cultural Criticism
  • Roveena is a culture journalist and published author who's all about shining light on underrepresented and multicultural lifestyle and beauty stories.
  • She writes and produces content for her blog, Roveenaink, with thoughts on fashion week, relationships, her favorite products and more.
  • She is the author of Mirror Mania along with her many freelance writing experiences.


Roveena has had a pen in her hand and curiosity for life as soon as she could walk, inspiring her to write for established outlets like InStyle, Byrdie, BRIDES, Narcity, and Women's Health magazine. She's broken news on the latest collaborations between black and South Asian entertainers to writing unique features on the importance of including more Sikh representation in the beauty blogging space.

Roveena has appeared on several podcasts, like CBC Fresh Air, TJ TV, and more, to talk about interracial relationships, diverse representation in media, and her own published book Mirror Mania, which is based on her own insecurities with body image and unrealistic expectations. She's also vlogged and blogged through multicultural fashion shows in Toronto, Chicago, and Miami.


Roveena received a bachelor degree in Media Communications and Spanish from Western University.

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