Romy Oltuski

Title: Columnist
Education: Tufts University, Columbia University
Location: New York, New York
Expertise: Fashion, Celebrities, Gift Guides
  • During her time at InStyle, Romy interviewed the women of Time's Up for an exclusive package about their red-carpet protest, built the brand's money and sex verticals, and decoded Melania Trump's subversive style on TV.
  • Her reporting on culture, tech, business, and style has appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, Forbes, Harper's Bazaar, Playboy, The Atlantic, and more.


Romy joined InStyle in 2017 as a Deputy Features Director, overseeing InStyle's digital features vertical from managing the daily lineup, putting together special content packages, and bringing new voices into the fold. In 2018 she began to work as a Columnist, publishing a weekly column called Money Talks. It featured candid conversations about personal finance with celebrity women including Priyanka Chopra, Susan Sarandon, and Demi Lovato.


Romy is a graduate of Tufts University and received a Bachelor's degree in English, Communications, and Media Studies. She also attended Columbia Publishing Course and is completing an MFA in non-fiction creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College.

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