Meg Leach

Title: Contributing Writer
Education: University at Buffalo
Location: New York, New York
Expertise: Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Sports
  • Meg Leach is a journalist and author based in New York who covers all things lifestyle, pop culture, and sports.
  • She has published three novels, with Runs with Dogs being her most recent release.
  • In addition to InStyle, her articles have been published in The Tempest, Apartment Theory, and Polygon.


Meg started her editorial career as a Sports Staff Writer for her university's newspaper before she worked as a staff writer for The Tempest. She next worked in public relations, in which she produced content suitable for web, print, and video publishing catered to specific audiences, including local businesses, school boards, and the general public. She is currently a freelance writer, in which she creates written content for a variety of publications, including blog posts, articles, email newsletters, and social media. In addition, she has self-published three novels and two children's books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.


Meg earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the University at Buffalo.

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