Maria Del Russo

Maria Del Russo is a writer, editor, and consultant specializing in women's issues, relationships, wellness, and beauty. She is currently Branded Content Director for The Newsette. Her first book, Simple Acts of Love, was published by Simon & Schuster under the imprint of Adams Media in 2019. She is currently working on a second book. In the meantime, Maria writes a newsletter, can't relate, about relationships — romantic, friendly, familial, and everything in-between. Maria's writing has appeared both online and in print, including Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Gossamer, The Cut, The Washington Post, Glamour, InStyle, Elle Magazine, Bustle, Us Weekly, Real Simple, Refinery29, and Playboy, where she wrote the magazine's advice column. She also has contributed editorial content for brands such as Miss Grass, Ro Medical, Avon, and CBD for Life.
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